Welcome to my blog.  Depending on access to the web, I’ll post periodic stories and photos about my adventures in Afghanistan.  Please feel free to post comments publicly or send me an email at nick@zoa.com.  Note that my newest posts are shown at the top.  If you haven’t visited here for a while, scroll down to see previous stories and photos.  Thanks for visiting!



  1. Jim,

    I would just like to say I find your writing incredibly entertaining and it is really a pleasure to receive your latest updates and stories. I can only imagine these thoughts are echoed by all the other followers of your blog. It seems like you are preparing yourself well to be our next U.S. Ambassador abroad, or maybe the U.S. Secretary of State someday. Your an inspiration, and I hope the remainder of your time there in Afghanistan is as seemingly satisfying as the time so far. Look forward to your next update. And if the chance for a visit ever happens, I will supply plenty of Malbec.

    Happy New Year,

    Keith Holmgren

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